Ozark Christian Camp

Ozark Christian Camp welcomed youth from the Four-State area near Joplin, Missouri who sought an enjoyable, although rustic week in a safe, serene setting on a bluff overlooking Shoal Creek on the edge of Joplin.  The camp had a spiritual theme and combined a love of nature and a peaceful environment with learning, entertainment, sports and friendship.  The camp was not, for most of its existence, affiliated with a specific church or denomination but it welcomed Christian and other youth who were seeking to enjoy a respite for a few days each summer and a reinvigoration that only time spent close to God’s creation of nature can provide.

The Camp was made possible by contributions of money and in-kind gifts from numerous people, churches and organization who believed that the development of a spiritual life could be fostered in a few days of being with peers who also enjoyed the fullness of life which combined spirit, fun, learning, food and recreation.

The families of F.W and Minnie Strong and Edwin and Mary Etta Strong were the source of the energy and most of the resources that made the camp possible.  The narratives posted in this site will share the stories of their efforts and lives as they sought to offer to youth a gift that God has created in a beautiful setting near Joplin, Missouri.  Pictures will depict events and activities of camp life. Additional pictures from former campers and guests will be considered for posting if they are submitted in digital format to this site.

Enter this site and remember what life once was when we teens were willing to relate comfortably to the natural world around them and forego the use of air-conditioning, fast-food and television.  Life, not so long ago, was casual, enjoyable and enlightening, even on a cot with owls hooting at night, and swimming in a place other than a concrete pool.

by Edwin B. Strong Jr.

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